Curatorial services

We provide exclusive, personalized and tailor-made services for each of our clients and their concerns. We are proud and confident to share our deep knowledge of luxury culture.


All our specialists are trained, in each of their areas, to offer the maximum benefits to our members, linked, through a direct treatment, obtaining as much information as possible, their tastes and needs, to deliver tailored solutions to each of our members in terms of their profile, desires and tastes.


Knowing how to look for and find alternatives for its members, is the type of service offered by UNIQ Luxury through a personalized service; because our secret is in the flexibility, depending on the profile of each one of its customers.


Our specialists in first class services and products adapt to the characteristics of the members, according to their abilities in time and money.


The customer must have the peace of mind that the product or service will be delivered in the time that has been agreed and will also receive additional benefits.


One of the main characteristics of our personalized service is, precisely, the creativity with which we work, offering treatment, product or service differently, unique and special, making the most of our resources in order to obtain a warm service, which you will hardly find in other luxury services.


The permanent link we generate with the customer allows us to know what and when you want. Our mechanism is through direct questions to our members so that they evaluate us and verify that we are giving the right treatment or if we must change our service, adapting to the way that best suits us.

Your dose of luxury recovery.

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