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Alberto Gonzalez Vivo

Find out the best pieces from Alberto Gonzalez Vivo only in our online store and in our gallery located in Santa Fe. Let our team of curators guide you to discover all his fine art. The purpose of him is to work on vital energy. The impression that produces on his senses is a source of inspiration for his work. Each work begins with deep perception and continues in an arduous work of elaboration of obsessive and meticulous sketches. His work oscillates between geometric abstraction and pop art. Influenced by research carried out on the production of artists Luis Tomasello, Julio Le Parc, Víctor Vasarely, Martha Boto Eduardo Moisset de Espanés. The use of light combined with geometric shapes and judicious color brings balance to his work, creating effects of great magnetism. Circles and squares of different dimensions freely inhabit the weightless spaces, exhibiting themselves to the delight of the viwers. The power of color and shapes is explored in depth. His plastic language manifests much more than what the artist feels and thinks and allows the viewer to go through the experience of intellectual and sensory pleasure.
Art work: