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Uniq Luxury

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Daniel Dens

Working from a palette of bold colors, New York-based artist Daniel Dens juxtaposes iconic screen-printed images that are at once historical and contemporary. Images of celebrities, political figures, and albums are superimposed over news articles and types, creating compositions that reflect a sensationalist view of the world. Dens, a self-taught artist from Belgium, moved to Venice, California in 2002 and began creating mixed media pieces. He then spent 13 years in New York City refining his techniques to create high-quality silkscreen paintings and sculptures. In addition to having several solo exhibitions in the New York area, she had an ongoing exhibition at Saatchi & Saatchi, NYC, from 2008-2010 and also ran an Atelier, in Water Mill (The Hamptons), featuring her work and studio from 2010. -2013. In 2015, Daniel moved west and began exhibiting in various galleries in Southern California and Mexico City. He is currently creating new work in Ventura, California, and continues to collaborate with international galleries, collectors, and designers.
Art work: