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Mixed media


Giuseppe Ferlito

Giuseppe Ferlito began painting in 2010 in Los Angeles while writing the first draft of the screenplay for the film "88". Working in film, he experiences periods of hiatus, which often turn into frustration because he is unable to unleash his creativity. "I started painting as a remedy for this form of frustration, and to this day I believe that painting for me is therapeutic because it allows me to discharge the emotions that I am experiencing in painting, face my fears and confront myself and others. . my insecurities ". Ferlito paints on different surfaces: canvas, cardboard, plywood and walls. Many of his works are now untraceable because they are made on non-transportable surfaces, such as the walls of friends' houses, tables, blinds and any other surface. He finds the greatest satisfaction in him by getting the job done and not so much by owning it. “I don't use a precise technique. When I direct a film, I mainly try to create emotions in the most varied ways by coordinating the company and directing the actors. In painting, it is somewhat simpler because I only have to direct my creativity using colors as a tool ”. As in the cinema, he believes that it is not important to respect the pre-established rules, but only to make sure that the choice not to use them does not compromise the final result, which both in painting and in directing remains that of transmitting emotions. "For me, a work of art, in all its expressiveness, should not be linked to rules and schemes, since they run the risk of contaminating its innovative force". He exhibited his works for the first time in 2013 in Miami, taking advantage of a prestigious showcase such as Art BASEL. "I feel fortunate because I am aware that for many BASEL'S it is a point of arrival, and I had the opportunity to exhibit my works there, to be in color with great artists". Subsequently, he exhibited in Mexico on two different occasions, first during the famous MACO fair and then during the Eva Longoria Global Gift ceremony, as well as in London, New York, Paris and Los Angeles, where for the first time he exhibited bags painted as if they were canvases
Art work: