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Born in Mexico City in 1956. The work of Guillermo “MIKI” Gutiérrez is recognized for its movement between emptiness and volume, creating a visual symphony with a strong sense of rhythm and unity through its composition. MIKI completed his degree in Marketing at San Diego National University followed by a postgraduate degree at IPADE; His attention to visual aesthetics with the double function between the representation of a concept and his own visual attraction led him to immortalize the forms in bronze. His work is part of cultural collections and private collections around the world, he has 65 individual exhibitions and 160 group exhibitions around the world; highlighting its recognition in more than 10 museums, including MUTEC (MX), “Manuel Felguérez” Museum (MX), Museum of Contemporary Art of Yucatán (MX), Museum of Fine Arts of San Luis Potosí (MX) and Museum of the Independence (MX). His work has been exhibited in Mexico, Miami, New York, Beirut, Dubai, Madrid, Paris, London, Singapore; represented by X Espacio de Arte in Mexico City
Art work: