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Found Art


Sebastian Castella

Sebastian Castella. He was born in the very bullfighting city of Béziers (France) on January 31, 1983. His love for bulls began very soon, motivated by the great bullfighting atmosphere that was felt both in his city and in the entire department of Languedoc-Roussillon. Carried away by this passion, he entered little by little into a world that for him was a true passion, until years later, once he made his debut as a bullfighter, he went to live in Spain, specifically in Seville, where he settled and where he ended up establish yourself as a professional. Before starting this stage in Spain, Sebastián Castella made his public presentation as a calf player in the French city of Aignan on March 30, 1997. He spent two years in that category, until January 17, 1999, in Acapulco (Mexico). ), he fought bulls from Cerro Viejo in what was his presentation as a bullfighter with picadors, in a celebration in which he shared the bill with Javier Gutiérrez, Jorge González and Israel Téllez. At that celebration he was applauded in his debut performance. With this bullfight, Castella also began its particular and close relationship with the American continent, since since its beginnings it has always been lavished in both Mexican arenas and in the rest of the countries with bullfighting traditions in America, such as Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru.
Art work: