“No Identity”. The artist expresses the layers of the Ego that cover the true human soul. “We are so blinded by those layers that we will die to protect them” – says Tavoni. Francisco claims that those layers come in different forms, such as gender, religion, culture, language, race, etc. The Ego is not intrinsically formed, but externally, by the society that gives more value to certain identities than to others. Through years of meditation and inner travels, Tavoni believes that all humans come from the same source choosing different vehicles to experience life. Within “No Identity”, Tavoni represents unique people of different cultures, genders and races. With over 10 years of experience in lighting techniques and experiments with different layers and textures, Tavoni finds a way to express his vision. Each work is unique and is made of cotton paper. With the use of these layers, the soul remains hidden and simply the figure of the human is visual, it is up to us to remove those layers to find the source.

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Chromagenic photography on cotton rag

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Dimensions 168 × 118 cm

Your dose of luxury recovery.

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