Zhuang Hong Yi 

1962 – ShiChuan, China

Zhuang Hong Yi is a Chinese contemporary artist currently living in the Netherlands. He has impressed audiences around the world with his unique style within his works of art. His works represent beauty, sophistication, and a high level of perfection with a clear presence of Chinese influence represented in his use of colors, themes, shapes, and materials that touch the heart.

His main source of inspiration continues to be the flower fields of Dutch culture. Zhuang folds and folds hundreds of small buds of painted rice paper to form the flower bed sculptures of him. The three-dimensionality of paper flowers invites audiences to appreciate the tactile nature of their vibrant tapestry of colors and shapes.

“My art is about happiness, enrichment, and re-enchantment. Today there is so much negativity and pain in the world; I want people to feel joy by reconnecting them with the calmness of nature. It’s why the flower is so dominant in my paintings. Everywhere around the world, flowers represent peace, happiness, and prosperity. We might not all speak the same language but we all read flowers.”- Zhuang Hong Yi



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