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Uniq Luxury
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Uniq Luxury
Uniq Luxury

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Choose Light

From August 19 of 2020 to February 16 of 2021 you can visit the exhibition Choose Light in our exhibition hall and gallery House of Arts, in Mazarik 311, where 11 exclusive contemporary artists will be present, who have chosen Creation as a response to their art.

This manifestation being an explosion of individual feelings, the personal way of relieving emotions, Gustavo Artigas, Zhuang Hong Yi, Chance Watt, Gildo Medina, Luis Fernando Zánches, Jasmine Cadenhead, Paul Gerben, Kylla Piqueras, Eduardo Landa, Georg Pummer and Fidia Flaschetti present 40 of their creations where they talk about their trajectory and inspiration, coinciding in the attitude of movement and construction in front of the moments of uncertainty that the world lives. Dipping a little into their minds, we asked some of the artists present to tell us about their motivations in creating. Artigas thinks that exhibitions are places of hope, where a certain distance is broken that these spaces inevitably give (for contemplative purposes), to challenge visitors to coexist with their environment. For her part, Kylla Piqueras, Peruvian artist, spoke about her creations mentioning the tribute to nature and the ancestral, she says that her work gives meaning to her life, her being and her life force. Finally, Gildo Medina said that sometimes he considers himself more a chronicler than an artist; for him, the theme always at the table is the need to transgress his own work or space, with some other arbitrary element that changes the meaning completely, That way, he can reinvent himself. Do not forget that this exclusive exhibition will be until February 2021 and that its access, for the moment, is restricted to a maximum of 10 people due to the contingency.