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Uniq Luxury
Uniq Luxury

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Alejandro Vidal, one of our Destination Managers, who has the best connections on the beaches of Los Cabos, is a connoisseur of unique adventures for UNIQ Luxury members to enjoy. He knows where to go, at what time and what to do, so that you have an unparalleled luxury experience.

One of those great shows happens on the beaches of Los Cabos, in Baja California, Mexico, when the biggest fish in the ocean appears, the whale shark.

Vidal, along with his team of dive experts, can take you to live a unique face-to-face experience with one of the most exotic animals on our planet. Despite its enormous size, it is a very docile fish and feeds exclusively on plankton. That is, microorganisms floating in salt and sweet water.


It is an unbeatable moment to see this huge fish opening wide its large jaws to absorb liters of water along with its food. By closing its mouth, it expels the oceanic liquid through the gills to ingest only the food matter.


The fringe of the planet where the whale shark prefers to live is exactly where the warm waters are, that is, in the tropical seas; that’s why in Baja California, in the Esperanza Resort of UNIQ Luxury, You can have that adrenaline-filled experience by living with them, swimming and snorkeling in the season when they approach these beaches; from October to May of the following year.

You are in time to become a member of UNIQ Luxury and take advantage of the great advantages of being one, talking to our destination managers so that you do not miss the opportunity to know those inaccessible corners of our world.