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Uniq Luxury
Uniq Luxury

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We close the month of November with an art exhibition at the Esperanza Resort and Toro Latino Kitchen & Bar, in Los Cabos San Lucas, Mexico.

We take advantage of Thanksgiving holidays to bring all UNIQ Luxury Art partners together with internationally renowned artists on these paradisiacal beaches in the south of the peninsula.

Our curators, as always, carried out a splendid work by bringing together an extensive visual, pictorial and photographic work of 13 artists; Many of them have been present at our previous exhibitions in Tulum and in Mexico City and we have had the opportunity to know the magic and thought about their art. If you’re interested in hearing from them, just look for the leagues that take you to those two events. You can also visit us on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so you can learn more about the works on display.

The artists who have accompanied us since the beginning of this year were Domingo Zapata, Jordi Mollá, Gustavo Argüello and Jasmine Cadenhead, who were joined on this occasion by Vicky Barranguet, who blends colors, shapes and strokes superimposing a chaotic and energetic atmosphere; Alexander Mignot, painter who likes to study the old masters to find, not their techniques, but the uniqueness in the harmonic construction between colors and forms.

Also present was Damián Suárez, artist who works geometric shapes and very bold chromatic compositions, with threads and wood. Native of our lands was Luis Fernando Zánches with his abstract art inspired by the words of Walt Disney: think, believe, dream and dare.

For his part, Paul Gerben, one of the guests of the exhibition, who can hardly be defined in a genre, presented part of his collection where we find everything from abstract to surreal. Marcos Cojab is a visual artist, whose works were quickly traded on the international art markets and became the property of collectors and prominent personalities.

Raphael Mazzuco impressed those present with his famous photographs that have been in major magazines and book covers around the world. Poet and plastic artist, Julio Montero left us visual poems assuring that poetry and painting are forms of liberation and healing. Both help us to recognize and face reality.

Finally, Luis Selem, visual artist, took part of his collection of objects worked in oil, where we could see cups, shoes, bottles and other items, ensuring that he wants to preserve the feelings that we imprint on each of them.