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At UNIQ LUXURY we work every day to bring you closer to the most exclusive and high-quality experiences.

It is with great honor and pleasure that today we announce our collaboration with FLY ACROSS who have been transforming executive aviation in Mexico since 2009.

This collaboration consists of a curated selection of art pieces by world-renowned artists such as Domingo Zapata, Fidia Falaschetti, Paul Gerben, Jasmine Cadenhead, Gildo Medina, Chance Watt, Jordi Mollá, Luis Fernando Sánchez and Giuseppe Ferlito.


The exhibition will be located at the FLY ACROSS FBO in Toluca, Mexico.

FLY ACROSS offers the most modern and luxurious FBO in Latin America. It aims to offer FBO (Fixed Base Operator) services for private aviation. Its customization, service, and comfort, all combined in a single hangar. There you can enjoy an experience of the highest quality with private rooms cared for down to the last detail.

This collaboration is the result of luxury at its finest. Combining the services provided by FLY ACROSS and our selection of works of art you can have an unforgettable experience.

As part of UNIQ LUXURY, our concierge team is happy to help you with any reservations you may need to make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

We invite you to visit the FLY ACROSS hangar for an unbeatable experience.

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