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Uniq Luxury
Uniq Luxury

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With the best location in the city, the St. Regis hotel in Mexico City presents a landmark and destination in itself. It has a refined style and a sumptuous decoration, as well as a bespoke service.

The first week of November this space hosted the private exhibition in which several artists participated in order to contribute their talents to Mexican culture.

Among them was Chance Watts who uses, as a medium for his canvas creations, acrylic, silver leaf and 24-carat gold. Influenced by Gustav Klimt, the cubism of Picasso and something of Toulouse Lautrec, presents a range of realism and abstraction with gradients between color and body appearance that causes a very stimulating sensation to the observer of his creations.

Domingo Zapata was another of those present with his neo-expressionist works. This Hispanic-American artist paints in oil and acrylic and often incorporates mixed media, collage and graffiti. Currently in his works he includes his native Spanish culture, as well as icons of American pop. His Panda series has been a favorite of collectors around the world.

With glamorous paintings, pop artist Spencer Couture was also present. His creativity is global, because he tries to speak to all kinds of audiences. His favorite medium is aerosol, although he has also developed an affinity for acrylic and splash technique. It is said of him that he will soon become the next Andy Warhol.

A self-taught artist, Francesca Borgo claims to have daily appointments with colours and brushes, feeling more and more in contact with herself. She tells us that her works invite viewers to feel the calm, the poetry, the inner balance that nature can bring to our lives.

Another great luxury we had the pleasure of seeing in this private exhibition was the actor, screenwriter, writer, producer and visual artist, Jordi Mollá considered a transgressor of contemporary art. As a painter he turns 20, but he has also delved into the techniques of photography intervention, placing his tendency in a totally abstract expressionism.

Jasmine Cadenhead impressed us with her art by presenting a painting called Noches de Oaxaca where she uses Mexican pigments and her tactile technique. She confesses that much of her work seeks to explore the potential of unique materials and that they behave in unknown ways.