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Uniq Luxury
Uniq Luxury

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Founded in 2015

UNIQ Luxury has specialized in offering our members exclusive access to national and international luxury products, services, and experiences, always collaborating with exclusive brands and destinations, as well as prominent artists of all genres from around the world.

Our commitment

Deliver the highest quality, excellence, and sophistication in works of art, real estate, services, and exclusive experiences with the UNIQ Luxury stamp; merging passion, expertise, professionalism, personalized attention, and timeless elegance to make our members’ desires a reality.



We are consistent in what we think, say, and do; based on the principles of honesty, truth, justice, and transparency. Therefore, we develop individually, freely, and consciously the commitment to our assigned tasks and the responsibility to carry them out carefully and within the required time frame in order to achieve the quality and excellence that distinguishes us.


At UNIQ Luxury, loyalty is one of the core values that guides our way of working. We are committed to being faithful to our customers, our brand, and our principles at all times.

We firmly believe that loyalty is built through honesty, transparency, and integrity. That’s why we strive to maintain clear and open communication with our customers, ensuring that we always meet their expectations..


At UNIQ Luxury, respect is an essential value that guides our way of working. We are committed to respecting our customers, employees, and communities at all times. We believe that respect is built through active listening, empathy, and inclusion. That’s why we strive to listen and understand the needs of our customers, employees, and communities, and work together to find solutions that satisfy everyone.


Finding alternatives for our members is the kind of personalized service that UNIQ Luxury offers, as our secret lies in flexibility, based on each client’s profile.


Customers should have the peace of mind that they will receive their product or service on the agreed-upon time and also receive additional benefits.


Our first-class specialists in services and products adjust to the characteristics of each member based on their capabilities in time and money.


One of the main characteristics of our personalized service is precisely the creativity with which we work, offering a different, unique, and special treatment, product, or service, maximizing our resources to obtain a warm service that is difficult to find in other luxury services.


The permanent bond that we generate with the customer allows us to know what and when they want it.
Our mechanism is through direct questions to our members so that they can evaluate us and verify that we are giving the appropriate treatment or if we need to change our service, adapting to the most convenient way.