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Authenticity Protection


Cancellation and Refund Policie

Shipping and Returns

Secure payment

Uniq Luxury


What does our Warranty cover?

• Artwork arrives without a described characteristic (for example, the artist’s signature)
• Significant differences in the illustrations listed (for example, incorrect edition size)
• Artwork arrives with damages that were not described or photographed in the listing
• Artwork is declared lost or damaged in transit by the shipping company

What does our Warranty not cover?

• Slight color differences depending on the lighting
• Artistic or incidental details to the making of the artwork that may not be evident in the images of the artwork (for example, visible brushstrokes)
• Minor differences in dimensions
• Delay in shipment by the shipping company
• Customs duties and/or import fees and any other import payments that are the buyer’s responsibility
• Any issues related to sales where the buyer paid the artist directly (for example, via bank transfer, check or other method outside the platform and/or directly negotiated with them)
• Problems with artworks that are not listed in the quote of your order

Uniq Luxury

Authenticity Protection

The Authenticity Protection of the “Artworks” does not apply to other data about the artwork (for example, edition size, signature information, artwork size). The artist delivers the corresponding Certificate of Authenticity once the Artwork has been fully paid for.

In some cases, the author of an artwork may be unclear or difficult to determine with certainty, these attributions indicate that there is uncertainty about the author of the artwork and, as such, the Authenticity Protection does not cover them.

Uniq Luxury


What are the unpacking instructions?

When receiving your artwork, it is important to be careful when unpacking it to avoid causing damage. Here are some tips for unpacking artworks:

General tips:

  • Always wash and dry your hands before handling artwork
  • Open the package on a flat, clean, and transparent surface (without pens, pencils, scissors, water, food, etc.) to ensure that nothing is transferred or damaged in the artwork
  • When opening a package or removing the tape, avoid cutting the package directly, which could scratch or cut the design. Instead, gently insert the box cutter at an angle that creates an opening without hitting the lower layers.
  • After removing the tape or adhesive, remove them from your workspace, so that nothing sticks to the artwork.
  • When opening packaging materials that directly touch the artwork, work slowly to avoid bending the corners or scratching the surface.

How to unpack the artwork from a tube?

  • Remove one end of the tube and proceed to tilt it slightly to slide the artwork partially.
  • Avoid grabbing or pinching the artwork, as this could wrinkle, dent, or tear the paper.
  • If you need to squeeze the coil to remove the artwork, do it slowly and gently. If there is wrapping paper, take it instead of the artwork.
  • To flatten the artwork, heavy and clean objects can be placed in the corners. If possible, leave a piece of clean, ink-free wrapping paper between the objects and the artwork to prevent damage during flattening.
  • If you need help, contact our Uniq Luxury representatives, who will guide you on doubts about how to unpack your artwork, we are ready to help you.

Uniq Luxury

Cancellation and Refund Policie

After 24 hours, your order is considered final sale and is not eligible for cancellation. Orders are still covered by the “UL” Warranty. This is because Artworks are paid to artists immediately.

If you wish to cancel the order, you must notify it immediately within the first 24 hours, upon confirmation of your order.

If you pay the artist directly without notifying “UL” and/or its representatives (for example, via bank transfer, check, PayPal, or other payment methods), this cancellation policy does not apply. You must contact the gallery directly to arrange a return.

Uniq Luxury

Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping and Returns

At Uniq Luxury, we are experts in packing and shipping artworks. If necessary, we can arrange shipping and provide quotes and delivery times.

Shipping costs are based on your location and the size of your work and will include the cost of packaging materials.

For locations outside of Mexico City, shipping costs are higher due to distance, so at the time of confirming your order, we will provide you with a quote for your service with our logistics provider.

Artworks purchased directly from the artist are not eligible for returns. You may only opt for an exchange of artwork, as long as it is from the same artist. To facilitate the exchange, the value of the returned work must be lower or equivalent.

How much does shipping cost for available artworks?
Shipping costs will be calculated at the end of your purchase. Please note that shipping rates will be available for review before automatically adding them to your order.

If you prefer to use your own shipping service, please note that Damage Guarantee is the responsibility of your preferred service provider.

We recommend requesting shipments with tracking and insurance; this is in the rare case that something goes wrong. For international shipments, we also recommend making sure that customs duties and/or taxes are included to avoid surprises.

Do I need to sign for my package upon delivery?
Your tracking number will indicate whether a signature is required to receive a shipment. Uniq is not responsible for incorrect deliveries, so we recommend sending it to a place where someone can receive your artwork, such as an office building or personal residence.

Can I pick up the artwork in person?
Only some works are available for direct pickup at our gallery in Mexico City. It is imperative that you inquire about this option if you so choose. If you choose to pick up your work, our team will contact you after your order is confirmed to coordinate time and logistics. Once the artwork is

delivered in person, the transportation insurance is the responsibility of the buyer, so Uniq Luxury disclaims any responsibility.

International Shipping Service outside of Mexico City
For shipments outside of Mexico City, they must be quoted and authorized by the buyer, as shipping costs and/or tariff fees will be added to your account.

The additional cost will depend on the weight of the artwork, as well as the destination, therefore it cannot be quoted in advance, and this cost will invariably be added to your account.

How long will it take for my order to be shipped?
This summary describes how long it may take from when your order is paid until your new artwork is hung in your home.

Our representatives will confirm your order. Once the order has been approved, your credit card will be charged and/or your electronic transfer will be received to proceed with shipping.

Please note that while delivery times may vary, the typical processing time is within 10 days of order approval.

Can I pick up a purchased artwork?
Some works are available to be picked up directly at our gallery, if you prefer. Check the location of the artwork on our Portal. If this is possible, you will see the option “Arrange pickup”. You can check the location of the piece on the artwork page during the checkout process.

If you choose to pick up your work, our team will contact you once your order is confirmed to coordinate time and logistics.

Will my order be subject to customs duties and/or import taxes?
Any international shipment may be subject to other export, import, and customs duties or international taxes such as VAT, depending on the laws of each country.

Import fees and customs duties are not included in the final total of your payment. The buyer is responsible for these fees, and refusal to pay is not a reason for return to Uniq Luxury.

Will my order be subject to customs duties and/or import taxes?
Any international shipment may be subject to other export, import, and customs duties or international taxes such as VAT, depending on each country’s laws.

Import fees and customs duties are not included in the final total of your payment. The buyer is responsible for these fees, and the refusal to pay is not a reason for return to Uniq Luxury.

Please note that Uniq Luxury and/or its representatives cannot advise on specific custom fees, as the shipping company bills you directly once the artwork arrives at the destination country.

However, we can confirm that these additional charges are calculated based on the value of the artwork declared by the Gallery and/or Artist to the customs office of your specific country.

Uniq Luxury

Secure payment of 20%

How does it work?
The secure purchase of Uniq Luxury offers collectors an easy way to acquire works of art. Secure payment is available through our sales options on the platform, reserving the work of your preference with only 20% of its value through our payment methods, and the rest through electronic transfer, for which one of our representatives will guide you through the process, ensuring your payment from beginning to end.

Wire transfer, what’s next?
You will receive an email with the details of the transfer information so that you can make the payment. The payment is in USD or in MXP, at the exchange rate of $20. Once the payment has been made, please send the proof of payment to arte@uniqluxury.com. Our Orders team will confirm your payment and keep you informed about the status of your order. If you prefer, you can contact our Uniq Luxury representatives directly at our Gallery to follow up on your purchase.

The payment is due when your order is accepted. We ask that you make the full payment as soon as possible and provide our team with proof of payment. If payment is not received within 7 days, your order may be reassigned to another buyer. If you cannot pay within the next 7 days, please contact arte@uniqluxury.com.

When selecting bank transfer as the payment method, the gallery will receive an update to send the artwork within 7 days once we confirm the receipt of the total funds transferred. The shipping period begins once your order has been paid in full, so we advise considering your location if it is outside Mexico City.

Where can I find the price of a work of art?
If the piece is available, the sale price or current offer of the artwork is located at the bottom of the artwork’s photo.

If an artwork appears as “On Hold” or says “Contact for Price,” please contact our representatives and/or go directly to the gallery. A gallery representative will provide you with more information.

If the artwork appears as “Sold” or “Offer Closed,” or if it does not have a listed status, we do not have any additional information on the price of the artwork because it is no longer available, or the artist is still in the process of creating it.

We recommend visiting and getting to know more works by the artist of your choice, in order to obtain help and contextualize the artist’s market and inform your acquisition decision