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Uniq Luxury
Uniq Luxury

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Art Curation
Exclusive service for an existing collection and/or for pieces you may be considering adding to your collection. Consultation and curation proposals for your space, including renders, suggestions, and commissioned pieces.
Art Curator
The one who carries out the intermediation
The intermediary between the artist, the public, and collectors. In their role, the curator bears the important didactic and formative responsibility within the market, acting as a cultural mediator between artistic proposals and clients or the public.

Considering the vast artistic offerings in the contemporary world, Uniq Luxury Art offers various curation services to facilitate your immersion into this creative universe.
Know Catalog
Access to private and exclusive events held prior to the openings of our official exhibitions.
Meet & Greet with Artists
One-on-one experiences with artists where you can learn more about their work, style, and creative process.
Commissioned Artwork
Through our coordination, direct access to commissioning artwork from artists, according to the format and style that best suits your preferences and needs. You'll have the opportunity to engage with the artists to understand your taste and requirements, translating them into a bespoke artwork.
Studio Visits
Private visits to artists studios to explore their new work and the process of their creation. With more than 40 artists worldwide on our platform, you can visit the studios of our artists in the city of your choice.
Guided Tours
Access to our museum network, with exclusive invitations to the finest exhibitions, openings, and leading art fairs, all expertly guided, both in Mexico City and internationally.
Art Manager
Perla Gálvez Caballero:
An experienced art advisor offering a wide range of services to collectors and private institutions. Driven and dedicated to inspiring the public through art.

With knowledge of emerging Latin American and global art markets, encompassing modern and contemporary art, she provides access to artworks, collections, and art services through an extensive global network of relationships. Successful project management in art, private collections, and sales, exhibition direction, museum and gallery operation, art logistics, and artist support.
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