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Uniq Luxury Art
Elevate your spaces with Uniq Luxury
Our collection represents the highest level of artistic expression, featuring rare and exclusive works. We work with only the most talented and established artists worldwide, ensuring that every piece we offer is of the utmost quality and authenticity.
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Uniq Luxury Art
Semana, Arte México 2023
Uniq Luxury prOnta su exhibición más reciente en su nueva galería, Park Plaza en Santa Fe.
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New Artists
Our Gallery
Visit our contemporary art gallery and discover pieces by the most relevant artists of recent years.
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Our exhibitions
With the best location in the city, the St. Regis hotel in Mexico City presents a landmark and destination in itself. It has a refined style and a sumptuous decoration, as well as a bespoke service.
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We close the month of November with an art exhibition at the Esperanza Resort and Toro Latino Kitchen & Bar, in Los Cabos San Lucas, Mexico.
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UNIQ Luxury presented the first edition of the TAGO art fair from 11 to 15 November, conducted with the unique curatorship of our specialists, creating a selection of artists whose works were integrated into the magical environment of Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. The Caribbean spaces were revived, thanks to the inspiration of internationally renowned creators, who were able to express their art in a large space where they harmonized nature and architecture, with the exquisite selection of unique works.
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Los Cabos Art Week
From April 4-14, UNIQ Luxury, with the support of Ocean Blue Magazine, offered its partners a double event "Los Cabos Art Week", where they merged fashion week and an impressive art exhibit at the exclusive Chileno Bay Resort, in Los Cabos, Mexico.
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Art Basel
For some years now, the Art Basel fair in Miami has been resonating in the world of luxury and art. Since then, high-level personalities such as collectors, gallery owners and internationally renowned artists have gathered at the venue.
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Choose Light
From August 19 of 2020 to February 16 of 2021 you can visit the exhibition Choose Light in our exhibition hall and gallery House of Arts, in Mazarik 311, where 11 exclusive contemporary artists will be present, who have chosen Creation as a response to their art.
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Explore the virtual world of Uniq Luxury Art 3D
We extend the invitation for you to explore UNIQ Luxury Art 3D, a virtual tour through which you will be able to view our exhibition program. As the world experiences a new way of living and interacting, we seek to showcase how artists express themselves and see the world,  celebrating everyday experiences and living in the moment.
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Victor Rodriguez inaugurates exhibition space
In collaboration with his gallerist Ricardo Reyes and à propos of the inauguration of his exhibition space in Polanco, Uniq Luxury held an exhibition of the Mexican painter Victor Rodríguez.
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The UNIQ Luxury Art Exhibition at Ritz Carlton Residences
Uniq Luxury Art presented an exclusive exhibition of international art pieces at the Ritz Carlton Residences Sunny Isles in North Miami Beach.
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Francisco Tavoni presents his exhibition: Encuentro
The most recent exhibition of the Venezuelan artist Francisco Tavoni, Encuentro, was presented at the UNIQ Luxury Art Gallery in Polanco in March 2021.
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Mexico Art Week 2021 - Art is everything
Art allows you to imagine, dream and feel through the beauty, inspiration, and emotions an art piece generates.
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