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Mixed media


Alexander Mignot

Discover all the pieces from Alexander Mignot that Uniq Luxury has and let our team of experts help you to discover the perfect piece for that space.

Who is Alexander Mignot?

Half French, half Venezuelan, Alexander Mignot grew up on the island of Margarita, in Venezuela. He decides to live on a sailboat with his faithful four-legged friend Kaya. For seven years they cross the seas looking for waves in the world.

Alexander Mignot´s technique

Color and painting were always important in Mignot's life. but now a canvas also joins his work, thus managing to present his free, spontaneous work with a wonderful sense of color for the first time, to the Public on July 20, 2017, in the city of Miami where the public understands instantly that an artist has been born. After two and a half more years of office, Mignot exhibited six different individual shows in Mexico City, New York, Madrid, Paris, St. Barths, and Mykonos. All are very well received, successful, and quickly acquired by collectors which makes them part of different Blue Chip collections. Art becomes Mignot's life and purpose. His studio is in Lisbon where he lives, paints, and chases waves.
Art work: