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Fidia Falaschetti

Fidia's journey in art began early in his childhood, in an enormously inspiring and creative family. At the age of 16, Fidia was hired to produce graffiti and illustrations for multiple stores. He grew up inspired by different subcultures which shaped his creative skills from street art. He studied “Production Design'' in The Academy of Fine Arts, between Macerata and Florence in Italy, where he finished his degree in 2002. He began his professional career as a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer, in addition to collaborating with different brands. Falaschetti investigates with his work the concepts of commercialism, consumer protection, the culture of a small explosion and the globalization of the media. The artist explores the relationship between digital and analogue, assigning materials and elements from the past, transforming them into contemporary objects. Fidia Falaschetti creates a work that is satirical and playful but also confronts the viewer to think about how and what they consume.
Art work: