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Domingo Zapata

Domingo Zapata was born in Palma de Mallorca in Spain, but moved to London to attend the Regent's University (1993-1997) and later moved to Washington, DC, where he studied at the American University. Zapata specialized in the study of contemporary art with a focus on acrylic painting and pastel drawing. Domingo Zapata cites his inspiration in everyday life, as well as his own personal experiences. From childhood memories, to movie stars past and present, to famous works of art, Zapata uses elements of collage, oil, acrylic, and graffiti, to imbue his works with elements of a heightened and exaggerated reality. Zapata incorporates text and visual cues into many of his pieces, often bringing in critics to align his work more closely with the pop-art movement. For more than 20 years de Zapata has built a body of work that varies significantly in motive, although he constantly explores themes of sexuality, opulence and vitality in his signature style. He has recently started working on mosaics, in Ravenna, Italy, employing ancient Byzantine techniques that can be found in the mosaics for which the city is famous. Named "artist to watch" in 2011 by Whitewall Magazine, Zapata has quickly fulfilled this prophecy. Since then, his work has attracted international press such as The New York Times (cover story, Styles Thursday, April 25, 2013), Vanity Fair Italia, Esquire, Spain, and the New York Observer. Recently, the New York Magazine deemed him "in a league of his own," while in October alone the New York Post declared Zapata to be the "new Andy Warhol, with little stars calling for an audience." Domingo Zapata lives and works in New York, Paris, Miami and Venice.
Art work: