Alexander Zuleta

“Zuleta is a visual artist who defies contemporary classifications. Working the techniques of formal painting and other experimental trends of painting as well as the relevance of his sculptures. He practices it in drawing, photography, installation and collage. They are diverse results with the topics you explore. Lyrical, mundane and poetic, within the everyday objects fragility of cultures in Latin America and the world. Plus Readymade. One of the main themes has been a constant study influenced by childhood issues that have led him to investigate the existence of forms, objects and humanity, which make up the subject. And when questioning the reason for them; in space and time. For Zuleta, time and space are a constant search. Since it alters the conventional notions of painting that are taken from reality about art. The works and proposals made have now responded to their personal concerns that derive from conceptual reflections and emotional experiences of their country and outside in public spaces and the questioning of the production of the new globalized world. What has moved him to the daily reunion of objects following a sense of aesthetic beauty. Thus working on various changes from geometric abstraction to objectual concretion and ephemeral interventions of some specific site. His work today is the object of being part of private collections in various parts of the world.”
Suzanne Chapin Button, Art Institute Museum of Chicago.

Born. October 1984, Guatemala.
Gráficos Design Degree at Universidad del Istmo de Guatemala.
Philosophy and Art Degree at CODARTS, Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten (Holand)
Collective art exhibitions:
3ra. Muestra Centro Americana de Arte Emergente en el Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo de Costa Rica (Costa Rica)
Joven Estampa en la Casa de las Américas Cuba en el Museo de las Américas (Cuba)
Palacio de Bellas Artes México (México)
Exhibition at Sala Clemente Orozco (Mexico)
Exhibition CODARTS 2003 (Høland)
Juannio 2005, 2006 and 2007
Exhibition at Fundación Rozas Botrán (2005)
Palacio Nacional de Cultura, Alianza Francesa (2006)
Selected Solo Shows:
2019 Golden Prize. Merit award in Venice Biennale. Exhibition.
2019 Symphony of the Seas. Project Art Contemporary.Collection RC. Europa.
2018 Galeria de Arte Mexicano Puebla. Proyecto Iximche. Mexico.
2017. Jacks Balls Sculptures.
2017 Huntres of Art, Over Time 2 Galeria Club Alma. Madrid Spain.
2016 Help World Project, Artcali. Museo La Tertulia. Cali,Colombia.
2016 Galería Mirat&Co, Over Time. Madrid España Game Abstraction, Public Project. Edificio Europlaza. Guatemala. 2015 Galería Ramses, Game Over Madrid España
2015. Galería Hotel Intercontinental Guatemala ironía sobre tela
2013 Fundación Galería Rozas Botrán, Elemento Zero 2013













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