Fanny Haiat

My name is Fanny Haiat, I am a Mexican sculptor and painter born in 1940. My artistic career began in 1980, achieving outstanding national and international exposure. In 1988 she won the prestigious Florence Biennale in Italy.
My sculptures are an important element for the urban landscape of Mexico City; located in areas that, for many years, have been part of the core of the city.
Internationally and in conjunction with the Mexican embassy, I have monumental sculptures in Sofia, Bulgaria and in Rome, Italy. A great number of collectors, museums and galleries have my special pieces.
I was at the 2017 Wynnewood exhibition during the international arts festival.
So far I have 28 solo exhibitions, and 15 group exhibitions in Mexico City and other parts of the world.
In my opinion, art is the purest form of communication in which the artist has a frank connection with the viewer.

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