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Jordi Molla

Revered as one of Spain's most prolific and coveted modern protagonists to grace international cinema, Jordi Mollà has been imbuing multiple creative characters for more than two decades: actor, writer, director and painter. Mollà was born on July 1, 1968 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, and trained in acting at the Barcelona Theater Institute; promoting his studies in Italy, Hungary and England. As an actor, Mollà has an impressive body of work of almost sixty films. He first earned praise in Bigas Luna's Jamón Jamón, followed by notable works in Montxo Armendariz's Historias del Kronen, Gerardo Vera's La Celestina, and his performance as Daniel in Ricardo Franco's La Buena Estrella, where Mollà's inspiring performance led him to be recognized as a brilliant and flourishing talent in the Spanish industry. Nominated 5 times for the Goya (Spanish Academy Awards) for his distinguished, versatile, extreme and profound performances, Molla had become one of the best of his generation with other colleagues in the Spanish industry such as Javier Bardem. . Mollà directed short and feature films, including: Walter Peralta, I wouldn't mind leaving you, We are nobody, 88 and Cinemart: a collection of 20 video art exhibited for the first time in Barcelona in 2007. Mollà has also written two books: The First Times, and Agua Estancada and several scripts such as España, Bla bla bla, El cisne negro and a couple of works for the stage such as Cielo Naranja and Gris. As an artist, the self-taught painter is known to channel as much passion and purpose into his artwork as he does into his performance. Expressive and bold, with overt and subtle messages combined with a myriad of colors, Mollà transmits oceans of images from his mind's eye to the canvas, and a host of installations of a vast and varied nature. Although some of Mollà's art may appear spontaneous and created within the limits of a finite period of time, a large number of his requested works have taken the artist many years to complete. Mollà returns to a piece again and again, adding ideas, colors, feelings and universes of experience in
Art work: