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Susan Schmidt

Susan's works are contemporary and figurative with subtle abstract elements and surprises, underpinned by her concern for the environment, sustainable living and the value of a simpler life. Acrylic and oil, printed, layered and rubbed, allowing the underlying to emerge, achieving an organic quality, echoing transience, evoking nostalgia and inviting us to appreciate what is often taken for granted. He exhibited in solo and selected exhibitions since 1998 and since 2012 internationally, including the Chelsea International Art Competition in New York, in Hong Kong, Istanbul, California and Singapore and, most recently, the Rise Art Prize 'Global Artist of the Year' ' in London. In 2016, by invitation, Susan was an artist in residence at One & Only Reethi Rah, Maldives. Creating from her Noosa Heads studio, Susan's works are exhibited, selected and collected nationally and internationally.
Art work: