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3D Painting


Zhuang Hong Yi

Born in 1962 in Sichuan Province, China, Zhuang Hong Yi lives and works between the Netherlands and Beijing. The flower motif dominates Zhuang Hong Yi's work, a significant image in Chinese culture that carries countless meanings and emotions but with equally strong associations with the Netherlands, world famous for its flowers, and he works patiently and religiously on this theme. year after year, intricately crafting his works with care and forethought. Hong Yi works in two dominant but distinct mediums, creating what can be described as three-dimensional paintings. He's Flowerbed series is produced through carefully folded origami rice paper flowers covered with color-changing layers of acrylic and oil paint. Hong Yi also implements a more traditional painterly approach, applying acrylic in highly sculpted and gestural impasto with unfolded rice paper flowers. His work is held in numerous public and private collections around the world and has been the subject of multiple museum exhibitions.
Art work: